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Ramboll is committed to acting decently and responsibly in all of our business endeavours, and we have a strong reputation that we wish to maintain and safeguard.

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Whistleblower system

Ramboll’s Whistleblower system enables our employees, business associates and other external stakeholders to speak up if they identify or experience irregularities with Ramboll’s core values and commitments, any of our Group policies and procedures, as well as any legal misconduct. No employee will suffer retaliation, discrimination or disciplinary action for reports made in good faith, or on the basis of a reasonable belief of violation or suspected violation.

What can be reported?

You should report any serious compliance related concerns, e.g. severe breach of Our Fundamentals or Group Policies and Procedures, legal violations, fraud, or other matters which represent illegal activity, or could cause harm to Ramboll or its employees.

The Whistleblower system is not for commercial inquiries, questions related to applications for employment, or other general questions. Please contact the relevant Ramboll Business Unit or see our Careers site  for further information.

Concerns related to the employment terms or matters at the local workplace such as conflicts with colleagues and managers, disciplinary sanctions, correct and timely payment of wages and benefits should normally be resolved locally, unless the matter is exceptionally serious or cannot be reported through the normal reporting lines.


All Whistleblower system reports are anonymous and confidential unless you directly instruct otherwise – any reports filed cannot be traced back to you. However, we do encourage you to provide as much information as possible to ease the investigation, and to identify yourself if you feel comfortable with it. Ramboll ensures that all concerns are treated seriously and appropriately, and all reports are received only by the Group Compliance Director and an independent third party.

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Hanne Bay, Group Compliance Manager
Hanne Bay
Group Compliance Director
M+45 5161 8048