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Interim Report 2016

The international engineering, design and management consultancy, Ramboll, delivered solid financial results in the first half of 2016 with a considerable improvement in profit. 
The Lynemouth Power Plant - conversion from coal to sustainable low carbon biomass

Gross revenue of DKK 5.4 billion was slightly higher than in the first half of 2015 despite continued adverse conditions in the oil & gas related markets. Operating profit before amortisation (EBITA) of DKK 279 million was DKK 91 million higher than the same period last year. EBITA margin of 5.2% was 1.7%-point higher than in the first half of 2015 (3.5%). Profit before tax was DKK 142 million compared to DKK 82 million in the same period last year. Globally, Ramboll now has 13,200 employees in 35 countries.

“Ramboll has delivered a significantly better first half year result in 2016 than in the same period last year. I’m pleased that over the last 12 months, we have managed to deliver the highest operating profit (EBITA) in the company’s history despite challenging market conditions. The continued difficult oil & gas market and the yet unknown consequences of Brexit give rise to uncertainties and challenges in the future that we are determined to overcome. However, with a strong client focus we expect continued growth in the second half of 2016 and a healthy result for the full year”, says Jens-Peter Saul, CEO of the Ramboll Group. 

A global leader in green energy solutions

The satisfying half year result can in particular be attributed to solid performances in the Nordic business units and in the global Energy business unit – clear evidence that Ramboll has created a strong foothold in the global market for green energy.


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