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UN Global Compact

As an international engineering, design and consultancy company, we have for many years acknowledged and accepted responsibility towards the society we are part of.

Riverside Bridge is the result of a creative integration of architecture, engineering and art.

Our responsibility applies towards employees, customers, shareholders and other business partners. But it also means that we must strive to ensure that our services contribute to sustainable development that benefits people and society around the world.

UN Global Compact

Ramboll joined the UN Global Compact in January 2007. This was a natural continuation of our fundamentals, our commitment to providing sustainable solutions to people and society, and the increased need for common Corporate Responsibility (CR) goals and procedures within Ramboll.

The UN Global Compact is a globally acknowledged framework for businesses committed to aligning their operations and strategies with ten principles in the areas of Human Rights, Labour Rights, Environment and Anti-Corruption. The UN Global Compact provides us with a platform for commitment to CR. It also enables us to adopt an established and globally recognised policy framework for the development, implementation, and disclosure of environmental, social, and governance policies and practices.

A continuous and comprehensive focus on Corporate Responsibility (CR) 

Our participation in the UN Global Compact enables us to increase our CR activities and advance focus and information on all current CR activities for the benefit of our stakeholders. Every year, we report the progress we have made within CR and set goals for improvements for the coming year. As participant of the UN Global Compact, we will make continuous and comprehensive efforts to advance the Global Compact Principles throughout our operations.

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Ramboll participates in the UN Global Compact
UN Global Compact website
Visit the UN Global Compact website to learn more about the UN Global Compact.
UN Global Compact


Neel Strøbæk
Neel Strøbæk
Senior Group Director, Sustainability & CR
T+45 5161 8641