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holistic enterprise model

The Holistic Enterprise Model reflects Ramboll's philosophy. In this way, the model serves as a guideline for leadership, development, operation and reporting within our company, and supports a holistic approach to everything we do.

We empower the people within our organisation and believe in their inherent abilities, embrace their individual differences and enable them to work in multi-talented teams to produce inspired solutions

The backbone of all business in the Ramboll Group is the Ramboll Enterprise Model. It reflects all processes of our consultancy business and it is a powerful tool when practising our values. The Ramboll Enterprise Model, also called the Holistic Enterprise Model, consists of 5 Enabler criteria and 4 Result criteria. The Enablers are the prerequisite for the Results.

To create the best possible results for our customers, for our employees, for our society – and to create economic value is the purpose of everything we do. What makes this possible is the continuous development and anchoring of our values and leadership, the analysis and reviewing of our strategies and our focus on being attractive to the best people. Those people who want to share knowledge efficiently in order to provide the best consultancy services to our customers.

Ramboll's Holistic Enterprise Model


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