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Corporate Responsibility

Every year, we report the progress we have made within Corporate Responsibility and set goals for improvements for the coming year. As a participant of the UN Global Compact, we will make continuous and comprehensive efforts to advance the Global Compact Principles throughout our operations. 
Engineers without borders in Haiti

Below is an overview of the latest Corporate Responsibility reports from Ramboll:


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    CR Report 2016
    Ramboll CR Report 2016
    Read the CR Report 2016 in PDF (3.5 MB)


    Front page of Ramboll Corporate Responsibility Report 2015
    Ramboll CR Report 2015

    Read or download the CR Report 2015 in Issuu web reader


    Front page of Corporate Responsibility Report 2014
    Ramboll CR Report 2014

    Read or download the CR Report 2014 in Issuu web reader


    Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
    Ramboll CR Report 2013
    Read the CR Report 2013 in Issuu web reader or as PDF


    CR report
    Ramboll CR Report 2012

    Read the CR Report 2012 in Issuu web reader or as PDF


    CR report
    Ramboll CR Report 2011
    Read the CR Report 2011 in Issuu web reader or as PDF


    Ramboll CSR report 2010 (published 2011)
    Ramboll CR Report 2010

    Read the CR Report 2010 in issuu web reader or as low-resolution PDF (1 MB)


    Ramboll participates in the UN Global Compact
    UN Global Compact



    Neel Strøbæk
    Neel Strøbæk
    Senior Group Director, Sustainability & CR
    T+45 5161 8641